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Plant a flower for your baby
or the baby of a loved one

Each flower in the Artemis Garden honors a very loved little one that was only known a short while, or perhaps not at all, on this side of the womb. To plant a flower, fill out the form below with your flower preference and, if you wish, a message for your baby. If the baby is unnamed, simply leave the field blank, and a star will be added in place of a name. Please be patient, depending on how many requests I get, it can take anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks as I put a lot of care into each one and have very limited time after my kids are in bed for this work. 

Customize a flower

Is this a dedication for the baby of a loved one? If so, after the flower is created, I will send the flower in an email to the parent with your message and a note asking permission to plant the flower in the garden and if they'd like to write a message to accompany it.

To see the sample dedication letter, click here

Do you have a flower preference?



I created the Artemis Garden as a special place to honor the lives of our babies and I do not ask for payment, however I will accept donations to the non-profit I co-founded. For more information about the organization, click here and to donate, click here.


I've also started a fundraiser for an organization called Helping after Neonatal Death (HAND) that has been supporting grieving families for 37 years, for those who have been moved by the garden and wish to offer something.


Thanks for submitting!

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