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Sample letter for dedication

Would you like to dedicate a flower for the baby of a loved one?  Fill out the form under "Plant a flower," and I will create the painting to your specifications. Here is the letter I will send with the image of the flower painting to the parent(s) asking for their permission to plant the flower and if they would like to add a message.

Dear (name of recipient), 

In honor of (name of baby or  if unnamed"your lost little one"), you have been gifted a flower in The Artemis Garden by (your name) with love and sympathy. The Artemis Garden is a virtual gallery of flowers painted in watercolor, all connected to one another, each representing child lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. 


Below is a handmade painting created specifically for (name of baby or if unnamed"your baby"). You are welcome to write a short message for your baby to accompany the painting and can reply to this email with your words. If you prefer not have your painting included in the garden, you may also reply to this email with your preference. 

With neonatal loss, there is no voice, no favorite things, no years of memories to make the grief tangible. Some parents feel unsure about expressing their grief and whether they even have the right to feel so much. There are few rituals to help release this kind of sorrow. And even though this experience is shared by so many, it can feel very isolating and lonely. This garden is meant to be a reminder that you are not alone. 


Kristen from The Artemis Garden

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